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India is so vast and wide that people often forget how much diversity is contained within these walls of the glorious country. When there are endless choices and even more cultural experiences, exploring everything by state becomes the best option and such packages compile the best destinations in a bite size digestible tour package.

Bihar is the Indian state most closely associated with the Buddha's life, resulting in a pilgrimage trail known as the Buddhist circuit. The Buddhist route starts in Patna, the capital city, where a notable museum has a collection of Hindu and Buddhist sculptures as well as a terracotta urn purported to hold Lord Buddha's ashes. After attaining enlightenment, the Buddha spent five years at Rajgir, and many of the remnants at Rajgir memorialize key occurrences in Buddha's life, with the hill of Gridhrakuta being possibly the most notable, as this is where the Buddha delivered most of his lectures.

Gujarat has everything that a national or international tourist is looking for: a vast choice of locations and attractions. Furthermore, Gujarat is a prime destination in India due to its strong logistic connectivity, good communication facilities, enough health infrastructure, round-the-clock electricity supply even in the most distant areas, safety and security, and, above all, the friendly attitude of the people. Gujarat's diverse terrain is a whole package in and of itself. The White Desert of Kutch coexists with a long and picturesque shoreline here. Dhola Veera and Lothal have archaeological monuments dating back to Harappan times. Gujarat features historic caves, stupas, monasteries, temples, and monuments that reflect the Indo-Sarcenic architectural style, which combines elements of Islamic and Hindu architecture.

Kerala's tourism department brags that the state is "God's Own Country." When you visit, you will see where this allegation comes from. The state is indeed blessed with stunning natural beauty and a diversified ecosystem. The state is also regarded as one of India's safest. Because of the abundant rainfall, there is lush foliage that lasts almost all year. A vacation here is an opportunity for renewal. You may receive an Ayurvedic oil massage, spend a day or two on a houseboat doing nothing but watching coconut palms pass past, or simply relax on Kovalam or Varkala beaches. As a result, rather than consisting on superficial sightseeing possibilities, tourism in this region is more experiential.

Our packages by state offer a whole new experience of every part of India in a new light. The packages include secluded destinations and abundant spots which scream a good scenic bliss for you and your family to enjoy.

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A place where religion has been birthed and grown over and over is just a testimony

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Andhra Pradesh

If spirituality is a sense of being one with yourself and god, then you got to visit this place.

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