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A place where religion has been birthed and grown over and over is just a testimony to a destination, which is of great significance. The terra firma of Bihar is known for being one of the most religious places as well as flaunting its large agricultural production. It is the land of monasteries and rightfully so deserves the credit.

Bihar is a landlocked state surrounded by Nepal, Bengal, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh, and it has four cultural regions: Bhojpur, Mithila and Magadha, and Chotanagpur. Rivers Kosi and Gandak from the north and Sone from the south join the Ganga. Rice, sugarcane, oilseeds, gram, maize, jute, barley, and wheat are grown in the rich plains.

The name Bihar, which is derived from the ancient term "VIHARA," demonstrates the state's age (monastery). It is a land of monasteries, to be sure. In this ancient country, where India's first great empires emerged and collapsed, Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Muslim, and Sikh temples abound. The ruins of Nalanda, the world's first university, fell asleep in time. The Ganga's large and deep course enriches the plains of Bihar before dispersing in Bengal's deltoid zone.

Bihar is the Indian state most closely associated with the Buddha's life, resulting in a pilgrimage path known as the Buddhist circuit. The Buddhist route starts in Patna, the capital city, where a notable museum has a collection of Hindu and Buddhist sculptures as well as a terracotta urn purported to hold Lord Buddha's ashes.

After attaining enlightenment, the Buddha spent five years in Rajgir, and many of the relics memorialize key occurrences in Buddha's life, with the hill of Gridhrakuta being possibly the most notable, as this is where the Buddha gave most of his lectures. The Mahabodhi Temple marks the exact area where Lord Buddha acquired enlightenment in Bodhgaya.

Also is prominent is the existence of Baidhyanath Jyotirling. All these mash-up of cultures can only happen at this delightful place of Bihar. Take your choice of Bihar tour to traverse religion step by step.

4 Days

Buddhist Circuit


One of the largest religion followed in the world, Buddhism has garnered followers and beliefs

3 Days

Baidyanath darshan Deoghar


Welcome yourself in a place where Shiva is the ultimate. In the state of Jharkhand,

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