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The place where all of India goes to share a celebratory spirit is the place, we hold dear and near as well. The party paradise, Goa is the destination where youngsters of our nation are finding solace and the force of fresh energy. The place is armed with crowd of new-weds too, as it is a popular honeymoon destination set in books for its looks and vivacity.

Vasco de Gama, the famed explorer who was the first to sail directly from Europe to India, circumnavigating the Cape of Good Hope, founded the state. The popularity though of this place just streams along the coastline, party culture, palms, sands and splashing waters. People often overlook the inner charm of Goa which equally matches the serenity of its coastal parts. This state influenced by multitude of cultures has a unique mix of everything going for itself. The most prominent of these is Portuguese, whose culture is evident in food, architecture, and cultural values. The language is also different with influences of Aryans and Europeans showing through. The language is Konkani spoken by most of the population residing in Goa. This location is good for people who are explorers and are attracted to cultures of all sorts as the state has a lot to offer.

Goa has a major presence in the fishing, agricultural, tourist, and pharmaceutical industries. Mining (iron ore and manganese), pharmaceuticals, iron and steel industries are located in North Goa, whereas mining and shipbuilding industries are present in South Goa. Tourism is the largest section of the services industry. This state is divided into North Goa and South Goa.

North Goa beaches are stunning, although far more busy than South Goa beaches. North Goa is ideal if you want huge crowds and a friendly vibe all of the time. Other water sports, such as snorkeling, scuba diving, boat riding, and so on, add significantly to the value of this location. South Goa is the place to go for scenic beauty and peace. South Goa has some of the greatest remote, rustic, and clean beaches in the state, all of which offer tranquil surroundings, relaxation, and natural beauty.

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Blessed with picturesque beaches; the vibrant ambiance of North Goa and the tranquillity of South Goa; and the rich architectural and cultural heritage, there’s hardly a beach destination in India that is as popular as Goa. Goa is also a perfect destination for a wellness tour as it is replete with Yoga & Reiki and Ayurveda centres. What more, the state is dotted with a number of boutique resorts offering a fantastic luxury vacation and an opportunity for great corporate outings.

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