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It is the land which emerged as one of the greatest states in history of the nation. Connecting to the independence and freedom, the home of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is the land of Gujarat. It is the place where you can find deserts and coasts all at once. Located in the west coast, this place of natural grandiose is enhanced by the love of culture and religion people hold around this place. The heritage of housing the legacy of father of the nation also falls upon its expansive area.

People can be seen enjoying the best times and they make way to welcome the throng of tourists who fly down here to experience art, culture, cuisine and celebration.

Gujarat stretches out into the Arabian Sea, with a touch of the desert and a 1600-kilometer-long coastline. It is well-known for its beaches, temple towns, and ancient capital cities. Gujarat has given us wildlife reserves, highland getaways, and natural beauty. Sculpture, handicrafts, arts, and festivals contribute to the state's wealth. Gujarat is also one of the most technologically sophisticated states in the country, including the country's largest petrochemical complex.

Gujarat has traditionally been a prominent centre for Jains, and the Jain Temple centers at Palitana and Girnar Hills are two of the most noteworthy places in the state. Apart from the Jain temples, the state's primary attractions are Gir Forests, India's only home for Asiatic Lions, a desert ride to the Wild Ass Sanctuary, and Ahmedabad's stunning Indo-Saracenic architecture. The vibrant tribal villages of Kutch make for a memorable visit. A state with incredible diversity in terrain, ranging from lush green thick woods to stark white salt plains. Due to eons of migratory impacts, its 1660 kilometers of coastline is home to some of the most distinctive marine species, and geographical positions in the state make it a perfect matrix, a melting pot of a huge range of culture, people, places, and history. With all of the migrations came a variety of ritual practices, cuisines, dress styles, fairs and festivals, and carousing, all of which were merged and formed a part of what this incredibly diverse state has to offer you. All the spots of Gandhi and his legacy also are notable as you swift through locations only dreamt off. Carry your divinity by visiting the Jyotirlings and Temples of Dwarka where Lord Krishna has his own lore.

Come and visit the home of a cultural explosion and to the place where people stare with awe, welcome you to the lands of Gujarat.

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4 Days

An Experience of Gujrat Lions with Jyotirling


Gujarat is a state of celebration and appreciation. They love to preserve, boast and talk about their

5 Days

Jyotirling Darshan with Dwarka


The Lord of destruction and creation has his significance set in Hindu Mythology

7 Days

Jyotirling Darshan with Dwarka


Experiencing Gujarat is a must when it comes to its mouth-watering food to exceptionally rich history

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