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Islands are always special to people. They have their own world inside of them. They support their own culture and bear whole ecosystems in them. Lakshadweep is no different. Having 36 Islands under its belt, this archipelago is notoriously famous for being one of the most beautiful places anyone can explore in India.

Blue water, unspoiled beaches, and fascinating islands are just a few of the reasons that Lakshadweep is a famous tourist destination off the Indian peninsula. This archipelago is one of the best locations to visit if you want to relax or have an exciting adventure. In addition to providing a variety of islands ideal for a tropical vacation, Lakshadweep also allows visitors to enjoy a luxurious holiday with lavish resorts and fun-filled activities that will allow one to have a great beach vacation to remember for a lifetime. This group of islands is also known as the Laccadive Islands. In Sanskrit, Malayalam, and Marathi, the word 'Lakshadweep' means "one hundred thousand islands."

Coral polyps are responsible for the formation of several of these islands. Corals are the bones of small sea creatures known as polyps. When they die, their skeletal remnants collect on the sea floor, where they develop to form coral islands. As a result, the Lakshadweep Islands are known as coral islands. These islands are believed to be founded by the Italian explorer Marco Polo and later on were discovered by the Portuguese. The islands' principal industries are tuna, coir manufacturing, vinegar, jaggery, and copra production. Because coconut is the sole crop growing in the region, their livelihood is dependent on it to some extent. Fishing is an integral component of the Lakshadweep way of life. Lakshadweep handicrafts are likewise highly popular all over the world.

The history of the formation of islands is also interesting as these islands were produced by the buildup of coral on the volcanic summits of the Indian Ocean ridge, which sunk beneath the surface millions of years ago, apparently due to sea-level rise. As a result, the Lakshadweep Islands are referred to as the product of Reef formation.

Our divergent Lakshadweep Tours Packages can give you the whole picture, the fun, marine life and cultural bombard this place carries along with it. For the best tour experience we suggest you to only trust us, especially with a place full of the unexpected and the unknown, waiting to be discovered by you and your group of loved ones.

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Blue sea, unspoiled beaches, exotic islands are some of the reasons that make Lakshadweep a popular tourist destination, off the Indian mainland. This archipelago is one of the legit places for those seeking tranquillity or wants to get a thrilling experience by indulging in some adventure.

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